Advantages of IPHost Network Monitor

Network Discovery

IPHost Network Monitor supports automated discovery of network hosts and services. Network discovery allows you to create a basis of monitoring configuration in minutes. For more details please refer to detailed description of network discovery feature.

Versatile Monitor Types

IPHost Network Monitor includes support for more than 20 monitoring methods including industry standard SNMP and WMI. Our software supports basic and advanced monitoring methods that allows monitoring of various servers, applications and network equipment. Please take a look at overview of monitoring functionality and a complete list of monitor types.

Various Alert Types

IPHost Network Monitor supports more than 10 alerting means including SMS via GSM modem/phone. Most alerts are for timely notifications of administrator or other interested parties by sending emails, SMS (text messages) or instant messenger’s messages, some alerts can do correction actions like setting SNMP variable value (SNMP SET) or running script or programm. Please refer to a complete list of alerts for details.

Monitoring in Multiple Networks

Monitoring in multiple separate networks from one central point. You can do this with the help of Remote Network Agents. You can use unlimited number of agents in Enterprise edition of IPHost Network Monitor, in Professional edition 5 agents are available.

Quick Installation and Setup

With IPHost Network Monitor you can start monitoring of your servers and networks in minutes. Please refer to Quick Start Guide and demo videos to get familiar with our software.


Easy extension of monitoring functionality via custom monitors. Support for Nagios plug-ins. If you interested in creation of a custom monitor please refer to a short article on custom monitors in our knowledge base and to topic from onlineHelp on default custom monitors included in the product.

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