Benefits of IPHost Network Monitor

IPHost Network Monitor is usable and affordable Windows software that facilitates the task of detection and elimination of failures and problems withyour network and network equipment, servers, workstations and critical applications installed on them. IPHost Monitor enables you to reduce downtime (or slowdown time) because the system administrator and other concerned parties get prompt information on network resource inaccessibility or critical application performance problems. Detailed information helps to recover from the failure or remedy the performance problem quickly. With IPHost Network Monitor you can also setup actions for automatic failure recovery. Web-enabled reporting lets you monitor your network resources via a web browser totake a quick look at the current state, problems and trends. IPHost Monitor does not require expensive hardware and can run at full power on a typical workstation.

Now most of businesses have to rely on their networks and servers to enable business-critical applications and everyday tasks of providing communication and moving data. Downtimes or performance degradations of these systems can seriously impact the business so continuous network and service monitoring software should be a vital part of your information system.

IPHost Network Monitor will help you to:

  • Find and fix performance bottlenecks and downtimes.
  • Reduce costs by making hardware purchasing decisions based on the actual performance of current systems.
  • Reduce costs by saving the time of system administrators.
  • Increase profits by avoiding big losses caused by late warnings about problems.

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