IPHost Network Monitor: List of Cisco mibs

The MIB module for the management of the Fibre Channel Ping functionality.

The MIB module for configuring and displaying FC (Fibre Channel) Route Information.

The MIB module for the management of a Fabric Configuration Server (FCS).

MIB module for displaying and configuring Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) related features in a Fibre Channel device.

MIB module for managing Fibre Channel Security for the fibre channel devices.

The MIB module for the management of the Fibre Channel Trace Route functionality.

This MIB module defines objects for managing the devices such as HBA (Host Bus Adapter). It provides device information which have registered with an FC fabric using FDMI.

This MIB module is to facilitate the global level control (enabling/disabling) over the optional features in the system.

MIB module for monitoring Cisco Firewalls.

Flash operations MIB module.

This MIB module contains definitions for Management Objects for Cisco Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF).

MIB module for invoking Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP) operations for network management purposes.

This module defines Remote Monitoring MIB extensions for High Capacity Alarms.

This MIB provides an extension to the CISCO-HSRP-MIB which defines Cisco’s “proprietary Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP), defined in RFC2281.

This MIB provides a means to monitor and configure the Cisco IOS proprietary Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP). Cisco HSRP protocol is defined in RFC2281 (informational rfc).

This MIB module provides network management support for QoS on IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN devices. This MIB is an extension to QoS MIB defined in IEEE 802.11E standard.

This MIB module provides network management support for QoS on wireless LAN devices.

A MIB module for extending the IF-MIB (RFC2863) to add objects which provide additional information about interfaces not available in other MIBS.

IGMP Filter configuration MIB. This MIB provides a mechanism for users to configure the system to intercept IGMP joins for IP Multicast groups identified in this MIB and only allow certain ports to join certain multicast groups.

The objective of this MIB is to perform a HA compatibility check of the two versions of the software and list the incompatibilities

Router image MIB which identifies the capabilities and characteristics of the image.

This MIB provides objects to upgrade images on modules in the system, objects showing the status of the upgrade operation, and objects showing the type of images that could be run in the system.

The MIB module for configuring IP characteristics of the interfaces of a device.

MIB module for management of IP Multicast routing, but independent of the specific multicast routing protocol in use.

The MIB module for management of information to support packet filtering on IP protocols.

more Cisco mibs

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