IPHost mobile applications’ privacy policy

IPHost mobile applications’ privacy policy

This privacy policy defines how IPHost Network Monitor mobile applications (hereinafter IPHost Mobile) obtain, process, use and protect your personal and non-personal data. By installing and using IPHost Mobile on your device(s) you agree to this policy and provide an explicit and informed consent to mentioned data processing and usage.

Responsible entity and contact data

ProWide Labs Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “we”) is the entity responsible for personal data processing, and can be reached by means of the below contact data:

Postal: Russian Federation, 630090, Novosibirsk, Kutateladze street 4G.
Phone: +7 383 335-67-97
Email: mobile-compliance@prowidelabs.com

The preferred contact media is email; we do our best to provide an initial response during the next business day.

Personally identifiable information

IPHost Mobile do not collect any personally identifiable information (the information that allows identifying you as a physical person, e.g. email address(es), real name, street address(es), your contacts list etc.).

Non-personal data

IPHost Mobile may collect non-personal data (mobile device in use, mobile device’s unique device ID, IP address used, mobile operating system in use, type of mobile Internet browsers you use, country code) and use them anonymously to optimize the way IPHost Mobile operates, to gather IPHost Mobile usage statistics for the purpose of improving IPHost Mobile usability and services quality.

Using external analytics services

IPHost Mobile may use Google Analytics for Mobile Apps services for the purpose of collecting anonymized data on IPHost Mobile and IPHost Network Monitor desktop software usage. The mentioned service can automatically collect non-personal data, such as the type of mobile device in use, mobile device’s unique device ID, IP address used, mobile operating system in use, type of mobile Internet browsers you use, country code, and information about the way you use IPHost Mobile.

Access to mobile device’ camera

IPHost Mobile request optional access to mobile device’ camera (when connecting to a desktop IPHost client), to read and process QR code. IPHost Mobile don’t use mobile device’ camera for any other purpose and can operate with the above access denied.

In-app purchases

In cases IPHost Mobile end user uses in-app purchases option (e.g. to purchase a commercial license for IPHost Network Monitor desktop software), the corresponding service, Google Payments, may process end user’s personal data in accordance with the mentioned service’ privacy policy.

Third parties access to information collected by IPHost Mobile

We do not share information collected by IPHost Mobile with third parties, except when required by law, i.e. to comply with subpoena or similar legal request.


We are committed to ensuring that collected non-personal data is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and management procedures to safeguard and secure the mentioned collected non-personal data.

Data retention policy

The non-personal anonymized data collected by IPHost Mobile are stored for no more than 6 months and are automatically purged from our systems afterwards.

End user opt-out rights

IPHost Mobile end user can contact ProWide Labs Ltd., using the above mentioned contact data, and request their data removal.

IPHost Mobile end user may stop collecting non-personal data by IPHost Mobile by uninstalling IPHost Mobile from their device(s).

To revoke the non-personal data processing consent defined by this privacy policy document, end user can contact ProWide Labs Ltd. by email using the contact data mentioned above, and should uninstall IPHost Mobile from their devices. The consent revocation is permanent, unless consent is explicitly given again.

Changes to this privacy policy

ProWide Labs Ltd. may change this privacy policy document at any moment. The end users are notified by our updating this modified privacy policy document on the following URL: iphost-mobile-applications-privacy-policy.html.