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Maintaining networks providing a number of miscellaneous services can be a challenge nowadays. It can’t be efficiently performed without advanced monitoring: manual checks are only possible for small networks and are inefficient due to many a human factors.

There are numerous monitoring tools, both free and commercial; IPHost Network Monitor belongs to that family. It allows monitoring multiple various services, including cases when services are not directly reachable from outside.

IPHost Network Monitor can be categorized as enterprise network monitoring tool: it’s scalable and is capable of collecting monitoring data from multiple networks, including those that can’t be reached from outside.

IPHost Network Monitor 5.3 build 14150 of December 25, 2020. File size: 68MB

Various Monitoring Methods

This piece of software communicates over many TCP/IP protocols and can do IMCP Ping monitoring, as well. IPHost Network Monitor was designed to run custom user-defined scripts or programs, thus removing limits of how it can get monitoring data or react to a monitoring event.

The program is a Windows software; however, nothing prevents it from monitoring any other OS: using SSH or SNMP allows, in general, to collect required data from arbitrary OS in existence.

IPHost is also convenient to perform wireless networks, using uniform user interface. It can also utilize existing third-parties monitoring parts like Nagios plugins, integrating them seamlessly.

Basic network activity parameters (number of connections used, bandwidth, data transfer speed etc.) can be monitored with IPHost Network Monitor. That means you can monitor network performance in its various aspects. When necessary, custom scripts can be used to split the overall summary into more details.

Mentioned third party software can be used by IPHost Network Monitor to watch network connections and provide filtered data for fine control tasks (e.g.: limit traffic usage and so on). Summing up, it’s possible to monitor network activity, both in general and in details.

To watch intranets, usually closed to most connections fro outside, remote network agents can be used. They reside within restricted access network and communicate with main installation, passing data as required.

SNMP network monitoring, in general, is universal way to get overall systems characteristics, and/or change system parameters in response to certain actions.

You can learn about network monitoring best practices, by studying real-life experience provided or mentioned by our customers.

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Windows Interface Screenshot Web Interface Screenshot


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IPHost Network Monitor 5.3 build 14150 of December 25, 2020. File size: 68MB